compiti@casa - Information Page


Promoted by De Agostini Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Turin, IGT, Riva Foundation and Comunità Novarese Foundation, with a view to combating educational poverty, compiti@casa provides support and guidance for "distance" study to students who need support in learning Italian and scientific disciplines. Target of the intervention are lower secondary school students with learning difficulties, little autonomy in personal study, low motivation to study, often with socio-economic disadvantages and who find themselves alone in managing their afternoon homework


The project is necessary in light of an educational emergency aggravated by the health emergency following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen more than 8.5 million girls and boys interrupt the normal school process for months. The consequent increase in inequalities, with the further penalization of girls and boys already at risk of exclusion, make the compiti@casa project an important and innovative response to the satisfaction of educational needs in neighborhoods already affected by social and economic hardship.


The activities accompanying the study are:

  • online conducted, in an integrated and dedicated virtual learning environment, according to the online education model, in a two-to-one ratio (two students/university tutor);
  • held by tutors, students of the University of Turin and the University of East Piedmont, selected through a specific call and appropriately trained by the University itself.

The students are supported in their personal afternoon study at home for four hours a week, two for the humanistic area, two for the scientific/mathematics area.

Compiti@casa is a targeted educational action that can relate to the individual potential and difficulties of the pupils involved, through innovative methodologies and digital tools, with young, motivated and trained tutors.


At home, using a digital learning platform specially designed and built by the University of Turin for synchronous video activities and interactive content sharing.


  • De Agostini Foundation;
  • University of Turin:
    • Prof. Marina Marchisio Conte, full professor of Complementary Mathematics;
    • Prof. Andrea Balbo, associate professor of Latin Language and Literature;
    • 160 university students as tutors;
    • 2 scholarship holders as trainers, companions and coordinators of the tutors;
    • 2 university teachers (one for the humanities area, the other for the scientific-mathematical area), as trainers of school teachers and supervisors of scholarship holders and tutors;
  • Lower secondary schools: Adelaide Ristori, lower secondary school in Naples,Bottacchi, lower secondary school in Novara, Da Vinci - Frank, lower secondary school in Turin,Piazza Filattiera 84, lower secondary school in Rome, Pezzani, lower secondary school in Milan, Levi Montalcini, lower secondary school in Novara,Bellini, lower secondary school in Novara,Radice Sanzio, lower secondary school in Naples,Guttuso, lower secondary school in Palermo,Giovanni XXIII, lower secondary school in Arona:
    • 35 teachers within the ten schools;
    • 320 students and their families;


School year 2023/24: January to May for 15 weeks, Monday to Friday, in the afternoon, and Saturday mornings.